Stone Set Hinged Cuff

Learn a whole range of techniques in one project, hinges, stone setting, bracelet making and more in this advanced metal clay course

Learn how to create a hinged stone set bangle from silver clay.

This is a fantastic project created for Jewellers Academy by metal clay jewellery artist Tracey Spurgin.

In this online course Tracey takes you through lots of techniques for working with metal clay including:

  • Working with Sterling Silver Clay
  • Creating Hinges in Silver Clay
  • Connecting components with rivets
  • Bezel Setting non-fireable gemstones
  • Making a Bracelet Clasp

All of these techniques take time and practice and in this in-depth video course we have 6 lessons to guide you through the process which you can re-watch as many times as you like to perfect the skills and master the techniques.

If you love metal clay or want to add a new dimension to your work this is the perfect course to take your collections and skills to the next level.

What Will You Get?

  • Lifetime access to comprehensive video lessons, guiding you through all the techniques, tips and tricks to perfecting your stone setting
  • Downloadable course notes to work alongside the videos
  • Access to our supportive community of jewellers and tutors to help you at every stage of the process
  • Access to the videos 24/7 - you can stop, pause, rewind and replay as much as you like
  • Excellent close-up shots to see what is happening in each step so you don't miss a thing

This course is suitable for jewellers who have some experience of working with metal clay and you will need access to a kiln for firing the sterling silver clay.

If you are new to working with metal clay but would like to give it a try take a look at our beginners course Silver Clay Charms and the Stone Setting in Silver Clay (torch fired techniques)

Your Instructor

Tracey Spurgin
Tracey Spurgin

Tracey Spurgin is a qualified Senior Art Clay & PMC instructor having completed courses with Art Clay World UK, PMC Connections & Rio Rewards in America.

With more than 18 years teaching experience, Tracey teaches in her own studio as well as travelling extensively in UK and Europe to deliver courses, workshops & master classes in colleges, museums, galleries & shops, as well as featuring on Jewellery Maker TV. Tracey also exhibits at all the major crafting, jewellery & beaders events

Tracey will inspire your imagination and instil the passion and the enjoyment for working with metal clay.

Tools and materials

We recommend you watch through the whole course before purchasing any additional tools and materials to ensure you get what you need for the project you have in mind

  • Silver clay toolkit
  • Measuring divider
  • Metal bangle mandrel
  • Hinge pin (0.8mm brass or stainless steel)
  • Riveting hammer
  • Rawhide or nylon mallet
  • Steel block
  • Tube cutter
  • Sanding plate or assorted sanding papers
  • Pin vice drill with 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 2mm drill bits
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Round pencil or piece of dowelling
  • Rubber block
  • Cling film/saran wrap
  • Wet wipes
  • Kitchen roll
  • Graph paper
  • Laminated graph card
  • Scissors
  • Polymer clay (optional)
  • Guilders’ gold foil (for use with an amber stone)
  • 2cm diameter by 10cm length of wooden dowel
  • Hinge pin (0.8mm brass or stainless steel. Available from
  • Riveting hammer
  • Steel block
  • Tube cutter
  • Star flower acrylic stamp or similar
  • Flush cutter pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Sellotape
  • Metal bangle mandrel
  • Raw hide mallet
  • Measuring divider
  • Fine pointed tweezers
  • Kiln
  • Fibre blanket
  • Jewellers pickle
  • Steel or brass brush
  • Rotary tumbler or Magnetic tumbler
  • Liver of sulphur patina
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Sunshine polishing cloth
  • Solder block
  • Jewellers torch
  • Medium & hard solder (Tracey used solder paste)
  • Third arm
  • Bezel rocker or steel burnisher


  • 50g PMC One Fire Sterling (Note the finished bracelet weighs approximately 30g but you will need up to 50g of clay to roll out the design)
  • Bangle template. The download for this is in your notes. It can be printed on paper and used. Alternatively, you can purchase a mylar version of the template from Tracey
  • Paste pot
  • 1 x focal 8mm cabochon
  • 2 x 4mm cabochons
  • Fine silver bezel wire
  • 2 x 4mm fine silver bezel cups
  • 1 x fine safety chain and bolt clasp
  • 1 x fine silver screw eye
  • 0.8mm sterling silver wire


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We look forward to welcoming you on the course and seeing your new creations soon.

Get started now!