Make Silver Metal Clay Charms

Make beautiful solid silver jewellery from home with this beginners metal clay course from Julia Rai

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Silver metal clay is a magical material that allows you to make solid silver jewellery from the kitchen table. Learn from one of the world's greatest metal clay jewelers and tutors Julia Rai in this fun and informative course.

What is metal clay?

It is a clay-based substance, containing millions of tiny silver particles. You can shape it like you would clay or a soft plasticine but after firing it with a small kitchen hand torch, all of the clay burns away leaving you with a solid silver piece that is hallmark quality. It's amazing!

Throughout the 5 lessons you will learn to roll-out and texture the clay, make moulds to create 3D charms, dry, sand, drill and torch fire your clay before polishing them to a beautiful shine. Julia will also introduce you to patinas and using a solution called liver of sulphur to create contrast in your finished pieces.

This class is perfect for beginners wanting to learn the basics of working with silver metal clay and to make some lovely solid silver charms from home.

What you can make

Techniques covered

  • Introduction to metal clay and tools/ materials needed
  • Rolling out and texturing the clay
  • Mould making for metal clay
  • Sanding and drilling
  • Torch firing metal clay
  • Creating silver metal clay charms
  • Polishing and finishing
  • Adding patinas using liver of sulphur

And more


Your Instructor

Julia Rai
Julia Rai

Julia Rai is an award winning jeweler and one of the most experienced and qualified metal clay teachers in the UK. She has a Diploma in Art and Design and holds a range of metal clay qualifications as well as an adult education teaching qualification. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions worldwide.

She has achieved the Metal Clay Masters Registry credential at Level IV and was the first person in the world to attain this level.

When not making, Julia runs the Metal Clay Academy, an online resource for everyone interested in metal clay and is a regular contributor to a number of UK and International jewellery making magazines. She is also co-director of the Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery and teaches metal clay related subjects all over the UK. Her teaching style is relaxed and supportive and she loves to introduce beginners to this incredible material.


Tools & Materials


  • Silver metal clay: either Art Clay Silver or PMC3 (Julia uses 10g of Art Clay Silver to make approx. 3 charms)
  • Acrylic roller
  • Pack of playing cards or acrylic spacers
  • Work mat (can just be a laminated piece of card or any plastic bendy surface)
  • Mini cookie cutters
  • Texture plates or textured surfaces such as wall paper cuttings or fabric off-cuts
  • Clingfilm
  • Small drinking straws or hand-drill
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Small pot of water
  • Badger balm or olive oil
  • Emery board or nail buffer
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • Silver jump ring (size 7mm) x 1 for each charm
  • 2 flat pliers (chain nosed or flat nosed)
  • Hand torch (with gas)
  • Fire brick
  • Steel Tweezers
  • Pyrex bowl of water
  • Timer (or watch/ phone stopwatch)
  • Brass brush


  • Spray water bottle
  • Hotplate or mug warmer
  • Safety goggles (essential if you don't have glasses)
  • Liver of sulphur
  • Small pin vice hand drill (approx. 1.2mm drill bit)
  • 2 part silicone moulding compound (for making 3D charms)
  • Additional fire mat
  • Egg timer
  • Wire mesh shelf
  • Agate burnisher or steel burnisher


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'Clear - a great beginners guide to silver clay - everything you need to make your own pieces'

- Kay McNamee

'Fantastic value, enjoyed absolutely everything about it'

- Debra Allen

Student Work...

See some beautiful jewellery made using this course.

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