The Jewellery Business Bootcamp (2021)

8 Weeks to Grow Your Dream Business

This is my flagship training course! The Jewellery Business Bootcamp is an 8-week LIVE online business training programme for jewellers looking to scale and grow their business…

Taken by over 500 jewellers to date, this programme is a complete training in launching, growing and scaling the jewellery business of your dreams designed to…

Make Growth Happen for Makers!

Your Potential is limitless!

Growth is out there waiting for you but in order to grab it we need three things…

Knowledge, Strategy and an Action Plan!

KNOWLEDGE: Learn how to do all the practical elements you need to run a business, from pricing and branding to hiring, launching collections developing websites that sell and growing your social media following online. The 'how to' knowledge is your shortcut so you can spend more time on your jewellery and less time working out how to run a successful business.

STRATEGY: Put this knowledge in sequence with a strategy or plan. Break it down in to monthly, weekly and daily goals to achieve the targets you set for yourself. When we wear all the hats in our business it's hard to know what to focus on. I will help you draw up your own strategy so you know what you need to do next.

AND FINALLY ACTION… We are here to spur you on, keep you motivated and supported through the journey of putting this strategy into action. Completing the Bootcamp in 8 weeks is full on but that's the point. It's about building and keeping your momentum so you can grow.

It’s simple but it works

If you really commit to doing this for yourself and put the work in! Join the buzzing community designed just for jewellers and get growing with us!

How Does it Work?

So glad you asked…

We start on Friday 12th February 2021

The training is completely online and can be taken from anywhere in the world

Weekly Training:

Each week a batch of new video trainings are released for you to learn from, along with a weekly workbook and notes to go alongside the pre-recorded videos.

You can watch these sessions anytime you like and as many times as you like.

Weekly Live Sessions:

Each week I will run a live online Q&A session. Get your questions answered and get support directly from me and my team.

If you aren't able to join me live don't worry! You can submit your question ahead of time and watch me answer it when it's convenient for you.

Here are the dates:

Facebook Group:

The cornerstone to the programme is the Facebook group, here you will get daily motivation, support from your fellow jewellers and instant access to be able to share your progress throughout the Bootcamp course and beyond


By joining the Bootcamp you will also get annual access to our membership site complete with over 21 jewellery making courses as well as other business courses including jewellery photography, branding and much more.

You are not alone...

When you run your own business you can often feel lonely and that every decision comes down to you. The great news is that when you join the Bootcamp you will have a supportive group of your peers and expert tutors to turn to. We are here to help every step of the way with email and group feedback included in the Bootcamp course as well as 1-2-1 responses in the Q&A sessions. Together we are stronger!

Who will I learn from?

Another great question! You are good at these…

In case we haven’t yet met I am Jessica Rose, the Founder of the London Jewellery School and Jewellers Academy. I will be your guide, your tutor and hopefully your friend

I’ve been in the jewellery industry for 14 years, generated over £4 million in sales, won 6 business awards, written a jewellery making book, been featured in the Press and on TV and I employ around 40 incredible jewellers across my two jewellery-based businesses…

But what is far more interesting is that I have made just about every single mistake in business you possibly can and have learnt a ton of lessons from them.

I have no degree or formal training and when I started my first jewellery business I had no idea how to make jewellery or how to run… well… anything!

It has been a long process but I now can truly say I love what I do and make a great living from it, which I know you can have and deserve too.

Throughout this training I take you on a journey to discover your unique skills and talent that can create a thriving business no matter who you are or what your background is and help you avoid the mistakes I made!

And I don’t see why you can’t make £50k or £100k from your passion business! When you open yourself up to this growth the sky really is the limit.

Alongside myself you will be learning from my wonderful team of experts... you are going to love them!

What Is Covered In The Bootcamp?

Week 1: Planning for Success

  • Setting your growth goals
  • The Vision Triangle
  • Key Paths to Growth: Picking Your Path
  • You as a Jewellery Entrepreneur
  • Your plan for the year in a nutshell
  • The Jewellery Business Growth Plan

Week 2 : Branding & Photography

  • Identifying your Dream Customer
  • Amplifying your Brand: Mood boards, Logos, Colours & Typography
  • Creating Graphics for your Business
  • Update or Create your Brand Style Sheet
  • Jewellery Photography: a Complete Guide
  • Perfecting your Packaging

Week 3: Developing Your Signature Style

  • Refining what your Unique Style is
  • Design and Sketching
  • Building a Collection that Stands Out
  • Creating Bespoke and Commission Pieces
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright and Protecting your Designs

Week 4: Skyrocket your sales with Online Marketing

  • How to Market Your Handmade Work
  • Driving Sales from Instagram and Facebook
  • Copywriting and Storytelling
  • Email Marketing for Your Jewellery Business
  • Content Marketing for Makers
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • Website sales, Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin

Week 5 : Websites That Sell

  • Where to Sell: Choosing a Web Platform
  • The Keys to a Successful Jewellery Site
  • Creating your website with Shopify
  • Creating your website with Squarespace
  • Templates for T&Cs, GDPR and Privacy Policy
  • Resources: Sizing Guides to Brand, Gemstone Guides, Gift Guides

Week 6: Implementation Week

Week 7: Mastering Your Money & Business

  • Mindset Matters when it comes to Money
  • Pricing Your Jewellery for Profit Masterclass
  • How and When to Outsource as you Grow
  • Time Management & Processes to Help as You Grow
  • Budgeting, Cash Flow Forecasts & Profit and Loss
  • Business Matters: Insurance, Hallmarking, Bank Accounts, Tax and Legal Obligations

Week 8: Planning for a Profitable Future

  • Jewellery Business Growth Plans
  • Looking at Goals and Brand Bio’s
  • Boosting Profit in Your Jewellery Business
  • Keeping Momentum year round

Ready to Join?

Sign up now to join in the Bootcamp for 2020:

The price of Bootcamp is usually £977

For this year it is part of annual membership which is currently priced at just

£487 for a full year


3 month payment plan



By joining for £487 you will have full access to Bootcamp and all member resources for a full year

Doors close on Saturday 14th February 2021 at Midnight!

(For our American friends the cost is approx. $650 US dollars. The exact cost will depend on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, you will see the cost in dollars before you proceed with the purchase)

Please note: unfortunately we are having a technical issue receiving payments from Nat West and RBS. We are working to resolve it now. In the meantime, if you are wanting to pay with one of these accounts please get in touch and we can advise you [email protected]

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