Creole Hinged Hoop Earrings

Learn to make two types of hinged hoop earrings. Creole and hinge in the middle style in this intermediate to advanced level course

Learn how to create creole and hinged hoop earrings

Welcome to our first course that focuses solely on earrings!

This is an intermediate-level course taught by expert jeweller, Stelios Karantonas.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to make and solder hoop earrings
  • How to make a twisted wire hoop earring design
  • How to create a creole earring tension clasp
  • How to make a hoop earring with a hinge in the centre for opening and closing
  • Work with gold and silver and mixed metals to create your own designs
  • And lots more tips and tricks!

What Will You Get?

  • Ongoing access to comprehensive video lessons, guiding you through all the techniques, tips and tricks
  • Downloadable course notes to work alongside the videos
  • Full list of kit and materials you need to create these gorgeous designs
  • Access to our supportive community of jewellers and tutors to help you at every stage of the process
  • Access to the videos 24/7 - you can stop, pause, rewind and replay as much as you like
  • Excellent close-up shots to see what is happening in each step so you don't miss a thing

Your Instructor

Stelios Karantonas
Stelios Karantonas

Stelios Karantonas is a Greek designer who lives and creates in London. He found his niche in jewellery manufacturing and design, receiving two scholarships and working as a freelance designer/maker in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece.

Stelios created his own brand in London in 2014. All his pieces are hand-made in his Hatton Gardens workshop, where he constantly grows as a designer, working on a variety of gemstones, 9, 18 and 22 Karat Gold and 925 Sterling Silver.

Stelios is a passionate teacher who is extremely giving in sharing his vast knowledge of silver and goldsmithing with budding students.

Materials list (to make both styles of earring in silver)

  • 2 x 20cm of 1.2mm round silver wire for twisted hoops
  • 2 x 12cm of 2mm square silver wire for hinged hoops
  • 1mm round silver wire
  • 0.8mm round silver wire
  • Hard solder
  • Medium solder

Tools list

  • Standard silver jewellery set up - soldering station, bench peg, pliers, files, steel block etc
  • 0.8mm drill bit
  • 1mm cup burr
  • 1.5mm bearing cutting burr
  • 0.8mm & 1.2mm ball burr
  • Polymorph mouldable plastic granules


To source your tools and materials, take a look at our list of worldwide jewellery suppliers

This is an intermediate to advanced level course suitable for jewellers who have experience of working with silver and are competent at soldering.

If you are new to working with silver but would like to give it a try take a look at our beginners course The Silver Jewellery Workshop, and the Soldering Masterclass first.

We look forward to welcoming you on the course and seeing your new creations soon

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