Make a Silver and Copper Jump Ring Bangle - Free Mini Course

Learn how to make your own bangles with jangles

Bangles are a versatile design to be able to make - you can choose your metal, your shape, your design - the options are endless.

In this FREE mini-course, goldsmith Barbara Yarde takes you through this project step by step so you can learn how to make your own bangles.

What Techniques are covered in this online course?

  • How to shape and texture your bangle
  • How to solder your bangle
  • How to create additional interest with added jump rings

& lots of tips and tricks

Note: this project is perfect for beginners who want to get started with jewellery making in copper, silver and gold. It's great for practicing one of the key skills you need as a jeweller - soldering

Your Instructor

Barbara Yarde
Barbara Yarde
Barbara is a trained Goldsmith who uses a variety of techniques to combine precious gold and silver with traditional design processes such as wax carving, Keum-Boo (fine gold fusing) and reticulation in her own jewellery work. Barbara teaches on our silver jewellery courses.

These are the tools and materials you will need to make this project at home


1mm round silver wire

(length of wire required will depend on the size of the bangle - 160mm is recommended for an average bangle size)

0.8mm round copper wire

Hard silver solder



Soldering station

Jewellers torch

Tin snips or Jewellers saw and blades

Bench peg

Bangle mandrel - wooden or metal (a tin can could be used)

A doming punch or similar for your jump rings

Hammer for texturing

Steel Block

Rawhide Mallet


Pen or scribe to mark the metal

Half-round pliers


Wire brush, barrel polisher or your preferred method of polishing

This course includes:

  • 1 video Lessons
  • A set of downloadable course notes
  • Tools and materials list
  • Support in the Facebook group

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