Jewellers Academy Membership - monthly subscription

Let's build amazing businesses together!

Jewellers Academy membership is now open for enrolment for a limited time only.

Are you ready to create a profitable jewellery business?

Where you can do what you LOVE for a living (making jewellery) whilst making a great income from it?

You maybe just starting out or already have a business but are looking to grow and reach new heights this year?

Would you like support with your sales, social media, branding, jewellery photography and making skills all in one place?

Plus a supportive community of fellow jewellers to connect with and learn from?

If so then the Jewellers Academy Membership Community is made for you...

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We welcome new members. Monthly members will gain access to all making and business courses excluding the Diploma programmes, Money Mindset for Jewellers and the Jewellery Business Bootcamp.

This course is closed for enrollment.