Granulation in Silver & Gold

Learn the beautiful art of granulation in silver and gold using the soldering in place technique

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Learn how to create granulation in silver and gold

With this brand new course taught by expert jeweller, Stelios Karantonas, in this course you will learn:

  • The secret to preparing your pieces for granulation
  • How to create different sizes of granules in both silver and gold
  • Soldering your granules using the solder in place method
  • Work with gold and silver and mixed metals to create your own unique one of a kind designs
  • How to add to your piece with a tube setting for a faceted stone
  • How to set a cabochon stone in a pendant with a granulation halo
  • Projects covered in this course include making a ring and a pendant - all the skills you need to start a new collection!

Please note: this course covers the 'solder in place' method of granulation rather than the fusing method

What Will You Get?

  • Ongoing access to comprehensive video lessons, guiding you through all the techniques, tips and tricks
  • Downloadable course notes to work alongside the videos
  • Full list of kit and materials you need to create these gorgeous designs
  • Access to our supportive community of jewellers and tutors to help you at every stage of the process
  • Access to the videos 24/7 - you can stop, pause, rewind and replay as much as you like
  • Excellent close-up shots to see what is happening in each step so you don't miss a thing

Your Instructor

Stelios Karantonas
Stelios Karantonas

Stelios Karantonas is a Greek designer who lives and creates in London. He found his niche in jewellery manufacturing and design, receiving two scholarships and working as a freelance designer/maker in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece.

Stelios created his own brand in London in 2014. All his pieces are hand-made in his Hatton Gardens workshop, where he constantly grows as a designer, working on a variety of gemstones, 9, 18 and 22 Karat Gold and 925 Sterling Silver.

Stelios is a passionate teacher who is extremely giving in sharing his vast knowledge of silver and goldsmithing with budding students.

This course is suitable for jewellers who have experience of working with sheet silver metal and are competent at soldering and basic stone setting.

If you are new to working with silver but would like to give it a try take a look at our beginners course The Silver Jewellery Workshop, the Soldering Masterclass and Stone Setting in Silver first. You will need some experience of tube and cabochon stone setting to make these pieces.

We look forward to welcoming you on the course and seeing your new creations soon

Tools required for this course

Silver jewellery making equipment

  • Including tweezers, jewellers saw frame and blade
  • Set of files - flat file, needle files
  • Pliers set - including round nosed and cutters
  • Emery stick and papers - 800, 1000 and 1200

Soldering station including:

  • Professional butane micro torch
  • Large torch e.g. max flame pro butane hand torch
  • Charcoal block, binding wire
  • A revolving soldering stand (optional)
  • Soldering block and heatproof mat
  • Safety goggles
  • Liquid flux and brush (Stelios uses flux soldering liquid with Klein on the label)
  • Tecnhoflux or other solder blocker (optional)
  • Jewellers pickle, plastic sieve
  • Small containers for your jump rings and granules


For polishing in between the granules a dremel or similar and 3M radial discs are recommended

  • Yellow 3M radial discs, 80 grit on the radial mandrel

Stone setting tools

  • Square pusher
  • Bezel pusher
  • Curved steel burnisher
  • Round burr (for creating divots in the charcoal block)
  • 2.5mm round stone setting burr (for tube setting)
  • Dremel or similar


Pendant Project - In this example, Stelios made a sterling silver bezel setting for a cabochon stone. All sizes for this piece will depend on the size of the stone you purchase.

  • A cabochon (Stelios used a coral and ruby)
  • 0.9mm thick sterling silver for back plate (dimensions depends on size of your gemstone)
  • Silver bezel wire (the height of this will depend on the stone you choose)
  • Sterling silver wire - 0.8mm and 1mm (for making the bail and granules)
  • 9 carat 0.6mm thick, 4mm wide strip of gold for the bail (can also be made in sterling silver)
  • Easy, medium and hard silver solder
  • Medium gold solder (for the bail. If you make a silver bail you will use silver solder)

Ring Project - In this example Stelios made a sterling silver ring from D shaped wire

  • D shaped sterling silver wire, 3 x 2mm. Length will depend on the ring size you want to make
  • Silver and gold granules
  • Easy, medium and hard silver solder
  • 1 x 2.5mm faceted stone (Stelios uses sapphire and topaz)
  • 9 carat yellow gold tube - 2mm internal dimension, 3mm outside dimension. Height of tube - 15mm


To source your tools and materials, take a look at our list of worldwide jewellery suppliers

We recommend that you watch the course through before purchasing materials as the sizes you will need depend on your gemstone size

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