Beginners Wax Carving

Learn to make professional wax carved jewellery from scratch

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Learn the art of wax carving in this comprehensive online course taking you through all the basics of creating rings, pendants and charms in wax.

Have you ever wanted to work in wax?

Maybe you have given it a try but aren't quite happy with the results?

Or perhaps you are looking to speed up the production process in your jewellery business?

If so then beginners wax carving is the course for you!

You will learn to saw, file, refine and create your own unique designs in wax. Once they have been created you can take them to your local casters to be cast into silver, gold, rose-gold or other metals. This is a great technique for anyone looking to develop their skills and run a jewellery business. It is perfect for mini-production runs as by creating just one piece in wax you can order many items to be cast.

This class starts from the beginning and covers everything you need to set up in creating your own collections in wax from home. There are relatively few tools and materials needed to work with wax and the results are truly amazing.

What Will Your Get?

  • Lifetime access to 7 comprehensive video lessons, guiding you through all the techniques, tips and tricks to perfecting your wax carving
  • Downloadable course notes to work alongside the videos
  • Access to our supportive community of jewellers and tutors to help you at every stage of the process
  • Access to the videos 24/7 - you can stop, pause, rewind and reply as much as you like
  • Excellent close-up shots to see what is happening in each step so you don't miss a thing

What Techniques are covered?

  • Creating a wax carved chunky ring from scratch
  • Sawing the wax
  • Sizing a ring
  • Creating a tapered band
  • Creating faceted edges in wax
  • Texturing the surface of your wax ring
  • Transferring your designs accurately on to wax
  • Texturing wax on a flat pendant surface
  • Carving out a designed shape in your wax
  • Filing and sanding your wax pieces
  • How the casting process works
  • Sizing and measuring your designs for casting
  • Cleaning up your pieces after casting
  • Cutting off the sprew
  • Filing and refining your final silver pieces

Plus much more!

If you are looking to start or develop your skills in wax carving we would love to have you join us on the course.

Your Instructor

Rebecca Steiner
Rebecca Steiner

Rebecca is a jewellery designer, maker & tutor. She has her own company, Rebecca Steiner Fine Jewellery which has been running since 2006. Her work has been showcased in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazines, has won awards from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, and has been exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam, Sweden and in Australia, as well as all around the UK. She is also a professional jewellery tutor with her own 'Mobile Jewellery Workshop'

Tools & Materials Needed:


  • Jewellers Saw
  • Wax Saw blades
  • Regular jewellers saw blades
  • Half round metal file (cut 1 or 0)
  • Wax ring reamer
  • Sand paper (240, 400, 800)
  • Hand files (half-round or flat)
  • Pair of dividers
  • Blue wax tube and flat sections (slices of wax)
  • Scribe
  • Piece of tracing paper & pencil


  • Bench peg or jewellers bench
  • Emery stick
  • Accurate ruler
  • Needle files
  • Ring Mandrel
  • Set of sizing rings
  • Engineers square
  • Dentist tools (wax carving tools)
  • Scouring Pad
  • Kitchen towel (tissue)

You can buy jewellery making tools and materials from suppliers local to you or there are lots on amazon, ebay and etsy that ship worldwide.

This is a beginners level course so you do not need any previous experience in wax or any other type of jewellery making. However once your pieces are back from the casters you may want to 'clean them up' and prepare them for sale and wearing. For that we recommend taking 'The Silver Jewellery Workshop' online course to learn the basics of silversmithing.

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